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ABLC Consulting & Legal Translation has occupied a leadership position in translation and legal consulting for the past 10 years.

We employ highly qualified and professional translators of many fields of specialisation including legal translation. 
Apart from legal translation of contracts, agreements, certificates, and documents from different modern languages into Arabic and vice versa, our Company provides a package of services related to translation including document legalization domestically and internationally, interpretation for VIPs, and consecutive translation services and equipment. We also offer Notary Public services and company registration in all UK. 

Actively striving to provide unique and efficient services to official and governmental entities as well as corporations and individuals, satisfying our client’s requirements and successfully fulfilling our duties in terms of legal translation, documents attestation, consultation, and business set-up in the UK and abroad.



Legal Translation


ABLC & Legal Translation performs legal translation of official documents of all types:

Commercial documents including licenses, agreements, contracts, memorandum and articles of association, tenders, banking documents;

Documents issued by courts and notary departments, legislative articles, decrees 

Power of Attorneys, wills, letters of confirmation 


Birth, death, marriage, and to-whom-it-may-concern certificates;

Passports, education certificates, driving licenses, medical reports, etc.


During almost 10 years of productive work in this field, ABLC & Legal Translation managed to build-up a strong team of experts in the following languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Kurdish, Spanish, and others.


Other translation

Aside from legal translation, our Company provides translation of presentations, advertising materials, booklets, researches, studies, reports, news, articles, and press releases. In addition, artistic, technical, and media texts, résumés translation are also included in our business. 


Website translation

Recently, we witness rising demand for translating websites of official and private entities to promote business and expand relations diversity on the World Wide Web.


The ABLC provides translation of websites for companies in the UK from Arabic into English, French and Kurdish and vice versa.


Legalisation is the execution of a set sequence of procedures to give a document legal force and make it functional on the territory of the other state. 


ABLC & Legal Translation provides attestation and legalisation of all types of documents:

Power of attorneys, formal applications, issued outside the UK

School and college certificates, marriage contracts, no marriage record certificates, birth and death certificates


We provide legalisation of the documents in embassies and consulates of the country of origin, and in the governmental authorities of the UK (Foreign & Commonwealth 



Document Checking

Our document checking service is available for those clients who wish to prepare their own applications without the assistance of a lawyer. We offer to review your application contents, checking that you have fully and correctly completed any forms and that you have enclosed the correct documents required for your particular type of application.  We do not complete forms for you but we will ensure that you have completed the correct and most up to date version of the form required for your application.


We will provide you with an analysis detailing any amendments you need to make and any foreseeable problems with your application which may hinder your chances of success.


This is an optional service for those who wish to use it. It allows you to have your application thoroughly checked and any errors highlighted so that you are able to amend your application before it is submitted.

Just send us a copy of your document via e-mail or WhatsApp, and we, will send you the price and time and who to payment?​​

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